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Post to Multiple Social Sites From One Location Free

This post is posting to multiple social sites from one location free. You can actually post to hundreds of social sites from one location using What is the benefit of that you ask? It saves you countless hours of logging into all your social sites every time you have an announcement to make. It also draws traffic back to your main site. Not just any traffic but targeted traffic because anyone clicking on your links to read the rest of the story is showing genuine interest in your content. It also has a great advantage to ranking high in the search engines which...
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Time to Get Social

Guess What Time it Is? It's Time for Social to get a Group Hug! Check out only $1 for the month of November if you use the Coupon Code NOVEMBER for the Hug Level only. create an account here login to your account to make the $1 payment make friends on ps: Don't forget to enter your coupon code " NOVEMBER " before you click the paypal button to update the payment to only $1
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One Post Social

If your like me, you have a facebook account and twitter account and linkedin account a dig account and well you get the picture. You log in to each one of them to promote your blog or website hoping to get traffic to visit your content. It's tedious, monotonous, boring, time consuming, no fun and too much work all for maybe a few visitors here and there to your site. Problem Solved!! Create an account at and connect as many social sites as you want. Every status you post will automatically post to all the social sites you connected.
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