What is SMH?

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A little about Social Media Hug

Is this you? You have a facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, pinterest, youtube, blogger and many more accounts and you are logging into each one making little posts usually about 140 characters long trying to get people to visit your main site and it’s working for the most part but it sure takes up a bunch of your time. Time you could be using more on your main site if you didn’t have to log into each social account independently to broadcast anything new you put on your main site every time.


Social Media Hug has 21 (and growing) different social sites you can plug into. And the best part is you can connect to multiple accounts at the same social site if you have more than one. You only have to set this part up once and from then on every update you on your site will auto post to all your social sites and include a link back to your main website here at Social Media Hug.

Other Tools You Will Have Access To

Social Media Hug has a video for everything. If you are on a page in your admin and your not sure how to use the tools on that page, simply click the Help button at the top right of the page and it will reveal all videos showing you how to use everything on that page.

If your still stuck you can create a help ticket through the support link located at the bottom of the main left menu in your admin.

Other videos located under the Video Tutorials link will show you how to’s such as best posting practices for high search engine ranking as well as catching the eyes of those who are hanging out on your favorite social sites.

You will have access to over 200 different themes to choose from as well as endless plugins that will compliment your site in every way imaginable.

You can set your site up yourself or contact us for a custom set up for best results.

A Few Q’s & A’s

Q: Can I transfer my existing site from another blog to Social Media Hug?

A: Yes

Q: I am not that Internet savvy, can you help me set up my site?

A: Yes, we can help you with minor tweaks at no charge and if you are in need of a full site set up we can do that for a fee. All fees are in the admin.

You get your own site on the network.

You can map your own domain to it, so that you don’t have to settle for yourname.socialmediahug.com. You can have yourname.com instead.

SocialMediaHug Levels 

Hug or Group Hug that is the question..
Hug (free option) offers a starter package with minimal theme and plugin options
Group Hug offers the works in themes and plugins – with over 200 themes and over 190 plugins such as ecommerce options, community sites and even your own paid membership sites.

Featuring SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster)

!! WHICH POSTS TO OVER 30 DIFFERENT SOCIAL SITES every time you create new content saving you from having to visit each social site to tell them you added something new to your site. !! THIS IS HOW YOU GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE as it creates a link to your content on your site!



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